The Open Heritage Foundation is a registered non profit organization that seeks to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities in the Global South with the aim of preserving intangible cultural heritage with the documentation of underrepresented knowledge resources, initiating and supporting programs and international media campaigns with an emphasis on bridging the digital cultural divide.

Deconstructing the Open Access Frameworks with Contemporary Artists and Cultural Institutions

Copyright law in different regions is complex and lacks international harmonization. We have been actively working on advocacy with the artist community to identify the recurring roadblocks towards open access and draw lessons for the best practices that will identify the strategic priorities and framework that can inform decision makers in creating a safer copyright environment for artists and institutions to share their collections.

Documenting the Intangible Cultural Heritage via Wiki Loves International Photography Contests

As part of our activities, we also organize international photo competitions to promote young photographers and the collection of high-quality photos documenting the intangible heritage of different parts of the world which are made available on open licenses at Wikimedia Commons. In the last two years, we have organizing campaigns in category of Folklore, Festivals, Ceremonies, and Rituals of the world.


Partnerships Framework designs with cultural and knowledge institutions

One of our key action areas is bringing the cultural heritage held by Galleries, Libraries, Museums and Archives (GLAM) on open source platforms. We partner with the heritage institutions to expand free knowledge collections to include art reproductions, archival materials, photographs, films and audio recordings of high educational value. We have digitized the public domain collections from these institutions and shared them for free use at open source platforms, including, Wikimedia Commons and Internet Archive under open licenses.

Mind the Gap: Bridging the cultural and gender gap with Cultural Gender Equity Campaign

Gender inequality is prevalent across the internet. We organize annual campaigns that focusses on encouraging the contribution of quality information on women and queer communities working in cultural and folklore professions. One of our sub campaigns in our project Wiki Loves Folklore focuses on bridging two significant gaps on Wikipedia  – women and culture – both in terms of content about these subjects and in terms of participation by people from these groups. 

Our Partners and Friends