The Open Heritage Foundation is a registered non profit organization that seeks to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities in the Global South with the aim of preserving intangible cultural heritage with the documentation of underrepresented knowledge resources, initiating and supporting programs and international media campaigns with an emphasis on bridging the digital cultural divide.

We locate, digitize, transcribe and make the work available for public with open and free licenses. We are dedicated to address heritage preservation that is getting lost due to environment and destruction caused by negligence. The best way to protect the cultural heritage is therefore knowledge and information that is easy to find and free.

Conserving the cultural heritage

Digital preservation of underrepresented knowledge is the future of documentation of precious, rare knowledge of human civilization. Due to the devastating effects of time, calamity and human negligence, heritage is diminishing and many precious invaluable works have been destroyed during natural and manmade disasters. To make this work available digitally in open licenses is one of the best possible ways to prevent the further loss of this knowledge.

How we work?

OHF works closely with GLAM partners, library colleagues and data professionals to identify and deliver digital content which will support current research and encourage open culture. We also provide support for design framework for partnerships snd project management to our allies in the Global South who are aiming towards establishing content partnerships with their local government bodies and cultural institutions of their regions.