The Open Heritage Foundation is a registered non profit organization that seeks to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities in the Global South with the aim of preserving intangible cultural heritage with the documentation of underrepresented knowledge resources, initiating and supporting programs and international media campaigns with an emphasis on bridging the digital cultural divide.
OHF engages with a group of partners to create new collections and tools that help in reconstructing how our heritage and knowledge are disseminated/distributed. We cultivate a culture that is transparent, collaborative, open, liberal, accessible, innovative, comprehensive, ethical and encourages a mentality of exploration. It is based on community-centered and design processes grounded on user participation. We will be sharing insights on data curation, open data and metadata, identifying, accessing, assessing and reusing the collections as data, copyrights, and digitization.

Digital cultural heritage

Cultural heritage needs a digital shift. To make the heritage available in an innovative style, the convergence of digital cultural heritage, innovation, and creativity is needed for culture, society, and users. New possibilities for innovation and experimentation have been presented by the shift towards the digital period, the technological developments influencing how society and culture are perceived and preserved world-wide. 


Existing infrastructure

Our existing activities and participation are around open access and open data, bringing culture together with research, design, and technology transforming how stories are told and how collections are conceived and used, both internally and with the communities they serve. To decolonize the digital collections with collaboration and innovation redefines the institutional relationships with the community with new pathways for mutual understanding. 

Collaborative opportunities

By drawing upon existing expertise around access, and metadata, OHF promotes collaboration with the institutions and enables the transfer of ideas.

To engage new audiences and seeking to enhance trust and approachability with users and invite them to contribute their knowledge and skills to the open movement, we have been working on different projects. One of our projects includes Heritage GLAM which is an Open GLAM program in collaboration with the Wikimedia community in different campaigns together on Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons. 

Engaging with user communities

Developing opportunities for under-represented communities is important for being open and sharing.


OHF organizes outreach and engagement programs to engage broad communities via online and online programs, conferences, salons, meet-ups, Data sprints, training toolkits, and campaigns.

Partnership with Education

OHF offers support and expertise to promote educational goals. Contributing to online campaigns, hosting training workshops, present possibilities to spread knowledge and skills and connects with the wider community.